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Slang term for a trip on shrooms.
Fach Daddy: You hiking tonite?
Couz: Yeah, im goin to Mushroom Mountain
by Nick Couz February 09, 2004
Prime Shotgun Position, aka prime shotty position; i.e the point at which a blunt becomes ideal for blowing a shotgun.
Couz: Hey Dawson is it time for shotty's yet?

Dawson: Nah its not P.S.P yet!
by nick couz April 01, 2004
Cell phone code for weed that is only looked for when you have extremely limited funds. aka Swag
Couz: You lookin for that kindbud?
Millertime: Nah, i can only get swingdingitz.
by Nick Couz February 09, 2004
The best bud money can buy
Couz: Can you find some danky dank?
P.Diddle: Son, i got some kingbingertz.
by Nick Couz February 09, 2004
Code for acid
Walsh: Try to take a trip down under?
Couz: You got that cidney,Australia!
by Nick Couz February 09, 2004
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