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The act of masturbation. Commonly known as jerking off...
Since she left i've been punching the clown like twice a day.
#milking the banana #beating off #jackin off #roughing up the suspect #etc.
by Nick Conte October 04, 2005
A town located just off the 12th Exit of the Turnpike. Home to many fine establishments; IE Such's, Kelly's Pub, and Charlie's Angels. Commonly known for it's rich industrial commerce. However, has been made infamous by it's long standing reputation as a leader in drug distribution, sales, and consumption. Traditionally recognized for it's ability to produce crime, alien encounters, and football prowess.
If you come to Carteret and run your mouth, your bound to get Timberland up.
#exit 1-2 #carterough #12th exit #etc #the 1-2.
by Nick Conte October 04, 2005
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