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Shola Ameobi Walk is a short dance made famous by the main character on hit TV show Turan's Happy Hour. It involves walking backwards and forwards in the style of Newcastle centre forward Shola Ameobi, hence the name.
Woodhead did the Shola Ameobi Walk, and received an OBE for services to turanography.
by Nick Cartwright October 03, 2007
Noun - The word used to describe someone who combines cottaging and bestiality.

Verb - Someone who is involved in the act of cottaging with an animal.
I just saw Robbie walk into that public toilet with a goat, both clearly drunk on lust. He's such a durrant.

Robbie don't durrant that panda it's the first one born in captivity.
by Nick Cartwright October 03, 2007

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