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Derives from an individual who likes saying random things - elderberry comes from one time use in monthy python and fish are random in all ocasions. Can be used to describe a very rare or strange thing, or as a random statement.
Dude you smell of elderberryfish!
Well maybe I'll go ad find an elderberryfish.
Sure, and elderberry fish live in abundance on mars (!)
Dude, how many people have ever heard the word Elderberry fish before!
by Nick BC October 11, 2004
Used in bristol as far as i know. Meaning that something is really funny or was such a laugh
Dude, we tricked that kid into putting his hands in the paint, it was so joke!
by Nick BC October 11, 2004
The utter conquest of the entire globe by a select individual or group. I.e. Me, Tom D, Cat H, Mike B, Sam H and Amey M Or George w. Bush
One day ill rule the world!
Dude, all i need is a pair of scissors
When i find an elderberryfish, the world will be mine
by Nick BC October 11, 2004

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