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The section of Myspace that is completely filled with scene kids, HxC kids, SxE kids, and any other form of "core" people.
Scenester 1: "So last night I was on EDGEspace for like 3 hours, it was pretty SeX."

Scenester 2: "That's HxC, now let's go slamdance!"
by NicholasridiculouS November 20, 2005
Clips worn on your beltloops to hold your keys, and any other useless keychain you attatch to it.
Not to be used for climbing.
HxC kid: "Why do all scene kids have careabeaners?"
HxC SxE Kid: "It's pretty much a scene tradition."
by NicholasridiculouS November 15, 2005
An awesome MCconcoction that consists of a MCchicken piled onto a double cheeseburger with bbq sauce added.
Me: "The Mcfatty sounds like the grossest idea since the roman helmet."
n00b: "GOD I love mcfatties!"
by NicholasridiculouS November 15, 2005
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