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3 definitions by NicholasridiculouS

The section of Myspace that is completely filled with scene kids, HxC kids, SxE kids, and any other form of "core" people.
Scenester 1: "So last night I was on EDGEspace for like 3 hours, it was pretty SeX."

Scenester 2: "That's HxC, now let's go slamdance!"
by NicholasridiculouS November 20, 2005
5 6
Clips worn on your beltloops to hold your keys, and any other useless keychain you attatch to it.
Not to be used for climbing.
HxC kid: "Why do all scene kids have careabeaners?"
HxC SxE Kid: "It's pretty much a scene tradition."
by NicholasridiculouS November 15, 2005
5 11
An awesome MCconcoction that consists of a MCchicken piled onto a double cheeseburger with bbq sauce added.
Me: "The Mcfatty sounds like the grossest idea since the roman helmet."
n00b: "GOD I love mcfatties!"
by NicholasridiculouS November 15, 2005
17 45