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The act of ejaculating into a ceiling fan to create a sandstorm-like effect of jizz as it is hurled through the air.
Molly: This ceiling fan is useless, we never use it.
Billy: We could put that ceiling fan to work...
Molly: What do you mean Billy?
Billy: The Wisconsin Sandstorm is what I mean.
Molly: That would be so hot and sticky and refreshing!
by Nicholas Zombie March 13, 2010
Insert two or more fingers into the crotch area of your (possibly male) girlfriend to confirm her gender. Feel for testicles and/or a penis.

ATTENTION: This is the only 100% accurate way to figure out the gender of your (possibly-male) girlfriend.
Bob: My girlfriend looks like a man.
Dylan: You should finger-out her gender.
Bob: That sounds like some risky business.
Dylan: You can say that again!
by Nicholas Zombie March 31, 2010
The act of holding your left testicle with your right hand and holding the breast of a woman from Kansas City with your left hand. At the same time having non-consensual intercourse with two asian girls(or guys).
Bob: Hey Jim, how was the weekend?
Jim: On saturday I met up with my ex from Kansas City.
Bob: What for?
Jim: We have been wanting to try out the Hot Kity!
Bob: Oh I see, where did you order your asians from?
Jim: North Korea was having a 2 for 1 sale.
Bob: Nice.
by Nicholas Zombie March 27, 2010
A man who is able to move his penis in a circular motion while inside a woman's vagina. It is only possible to "stir the stew" if the woman has been with far to many men, which leads to extreme stretching of the vaginal canal.
Bob: I think i'm gonna ask Alissa out.
Henry: She has been with everyone! including Jeron..
Bob: I saw Jeron's dick in the locker room on friday. It looks like a black baby's leg..
Henry: Yeah, you're gonna stir the stew fo sho!
by Nicholas Zombie April 06, 2011
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