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4 definitions by Nicholas Wootton

Strongbow... one of the strongest drinks you'll get out of a barrel - tastes better than any beer or other cider.
'nother 'bow yer?
by Nicholas Wootton September 28, 2004
Comes from middle-England. Used when someone or some people have had sex. Or describing sex between two or more people, or a person and an inanimate object.
If you see someone and they've had sex the night before you'd say "Ooooo Sessions!"
by Nicholas Wootton April 11, 2004
A variation on the word shizzle, can be used to describe female totty. Or just general activities
Check out da shizzaye on the let han' saade!
What's goin down wit shizzaye?
by Nicholas Wootton July 20, 2004
From the mean streets of Willenhall. Used when no other forms of slang can be said...
Bo diggidy shizzaye! Shank master plank, rank diggedy shizzle. Seeeef.... errmm...... err.... Bo shizzle!
by Nicholas Wootton May 14, 2004