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Some how give up over Cowardliness
You punked out of a $200 bet.
by Nice Man February 09, 2007
A easy to make Non-Leathal Weapon made of folded paper and a rubber band. You fold a small peice of paper many times till it very hard. Then the you bend the hard paper to a shape of a taco. Then you face the curved side to the rubber so it would be like a sling shot. And the tawko will cut through the air and hit the paerson your aiming at.

The main targets for a tawko shooter is the arms, crotch, the ass, the fore-head, leg, or the back of the neck.

The only two prtection you have from a tawko is baggy jean for the legs or a your book bage for your upper body
Oh shit. John Got popped in the eye with a tawko
by Nice Man February 09, 2007

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