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A Juggalo or Juggalette is a person that doesnt give a fuck about what other people think about them.Usually listen to any of the Psychopathic artist drink Faygo and will stab any Ma Faku That disses their homies, or the Psychopathic Family. And for all the fuckin biggot ass fuckers that wanna talk shit about los and lettes you have no fuckin clue what we are. This is more than a bunch of people that enjoy the same music. We are the fuckin outcasts that everyone hates and fears.
Hater:Bitch ass juggalo/juggalette
Juggalo/juggalette: Dont fuckin talk about my homies u bitch ass mafaku(stab,stab,stab)
by Nicab September 14, 2005

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