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2 definitions by NicRybies

Noun. A disease characterized by excessive foaming at the mouth induced by fun dip, a tang 'stache, and extreme frostbite from fort-building in the snow. Origin relates back to a young girl from Wisconsin's best weapon in her quest to make her BFF King of Television.
"That pink foam is a clear sign of Rybies."

"SICK! That guy just wiped his Rybies all over the door handle at McDonalds."

"Nate just bit Pete and passed on his Rybies."
by NicRybies January 04, 2006
4 4
Cool, hip, awesome, undeniably impressive, out of control, origin relating to the concept of making Tang slushies (you know you love it)
"Fun dip is slush, yo!"

"R Kelly's 'Trapped in the Closet'? Now that's slush."

"That snowfort with the drawbridge was slush!"
by NicRybies December 29, 2005
9 33