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To be incredibly drunk.
She was stociously drunk, confused and lost.

15 pints of guinness - I was absolutely stocious.
by Niall February 11, 2004
An idiot or fool. (Irish slang, used mostly by country folk).
That fella's an awful gobdaw.

That stupid gobdaw crashed his car again.
by Niall February 11, 2004
Said when something bad happens, sometimes in a derisive manner.
Ed: I got caught with porn by my mom.
Bob: Shit one.
by niall February 15, 2004
A condom
Ed: I was gonna bone this bitch
Bob: Why not?
Ed: Had no happy hats
Bob: Shit one
by niall February 15, 2004
A Phool is a super stupid person. Alot worse than a fool beware of the phools they shall ruin us! (stress and hold the ooo in the middle for extra stupidness)
Beck "Do sheeps go ribbet?" Niall "Omg man NO YOU PHOOL!"
by Niall May 08, 2004
A term we came up with to denote something or someone that is on the exteme end of emo. One whose sole mode of opperation could be described as emo.
"wow, that's extremo"
by Niall January 05, 2005
fat, strong, the name of a fat red head girl on the show FRIENDS! monica and chandlers wedding. she dances with ross.
damn, that is a gert. I just left a gert in the toilet. That gert can throw far. Im a gert. Your a gert.
by NIALL March 14, 2005
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