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An insult used by stoners...Combines "poom" (dick, twat, idiot etc) and "Breh" (Shortened from "brehithwin" - carribean word for brother)
And so creates "poombreh" meaning dickhead, fucker, prick etc, but not as vicious refering it to friends etc.
"he's a poombreh"

Smith says- "That cunt just nicked my lighter!"
Jones replies- "poombreh"
by Nialbm June 18, 2006
Abbreviation of "Long, Thin, Blim". Used to describe a type of spliff commonly only rolled if the user is short on marijhuana, or doesn't want to get too stoned.
The 'blim' part usually refers to the amount of tobacco being used in the spliff, not the amount of green.
*It's 5a.m and the group was still awake*
"Shall we roll up an LTB??"
by Nialbm July 01, 2006
Term used for Marijhuana Cigarettes i.e. Spliffs, Joints etc.
"Let's go for a banger"
"I'll roll some Phat head Banger"
ref. head
by Nialbm June 18, 2006
A term originally used when playing hacky sack, or footbag. It occurs when one player deliberatly powers the hacky at another player in the hope that they will lose control.
*The hacky hits Jon in the balls*
"Hahaha, that was a sick blat!"
by Nialbm June 23, 2006
Originally used just to describe small amounts of cannabis, but has recently become much more widely used in all types of contexts.
"I can't go out i got blim cash mang"

Derek "Pass me the doritos"
Clive "No, im afraid there is blim left"
by Nialbm June 23, 2006
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