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3 definitions by Newgrounder

Newgrounds administrator and programmer from the UK.
If you get in a fight with liljim, he'll fuxxor you.
by Newgrounder March 07, 2005
Kickass and Hilarious Animator that isn't scared of any shit dickheads do or say to him. Also AKA CodeRedclock. A 10/10 kickass person in General
"I'm about to vote 0 on Eightstars movie"
"dont do that! he will fucking own you kid, dont even try"
by Newgrounder January 13, 2005
SS = Star Syndicate

a kickass assosciation of flash artists on Newgrounds with animators like eightstar vinstigator and many more. they submit dailytoons everyday and they are hilarious
The SS are the next Clock Crew...
by Newgrounder January 13, 2005