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One who consumes large amounts of your alcohol in return for sexual favors.
"Sophie boozewhored it up last night"
"Real she is such a Booze Whore"
by NewZealandRocks May 06, 2009
The Proper term for that girl like creature which appears to have escaped from the pound. Usaully around an Ass-hole figure who she looks to for protetion in return for Sex. Highly Aesthicticaly displeasing
"Thats one ugly bitch"
"Yeah Bro She is Mutley as"

by NewZealandRocks May 06, 2009
Title given to a select Few those short of paitence and strong of personality usaully prone to anger and acts of aggression without cause, somewhat of a gentleman villian. Title must be bestowed by another Wolffenbuttel
"Veitch is the man he will make Wolffenbuttel soon"

"Who Stole your pants?"
"It Was a Wolffenbuttel"
"OH Shitballs they're gone for good now"
by NewZealandRocks May 06, 2009
That friend that cannot afford to pay for any rounds at the pub, and is forced to retrive jugs at the pub everytime one is required and in return the jugbitch drinks for free, but is forced to suffer the name all night
"Adam was jugbitch again last night"

"Someone Raped my wife"
"Who Was it?"
"Probably some filthy Jugbitch"
by NewZealandRocks May 06, 2009

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