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New rave is basically a mix of fast beats that will literally get the whole room dancing. The music generally has a very positive feel about it and the kids who support the music are from a wide range of musical backgrounds, so ur gna get scene kids, ravers and other indie kids. The music varies a lot as its still a new style really! This is good as the music is VERY experimental and different, which is what music needs!! LONG LIVE NEW RAVE!!
and glowstickssss!!

Its bands like the klaxons, css, new young pony club, datarock, the sunshine underground, late of the pier, mdma, dandi wind, supersystem, these new puritons, hot chip and shitdisco.

this is just a few, there are wayyyy more!!
If you want to get a real feel of New Rave go for bands like klaxons, shitdisco and CSS...=D
by NewRaveRiotVan April 25, 2007
The first thing i'm gonna say is this:
As a scene kid, the idea is to be INDIVIDUAL
sooo giving ppl a load of rules is not gonna help them be scene...to be scene you basically need to be confident enough to have a go at different fashions. The bows in the hair are pretty common, along with junk jewelley and cassettes on like chord around ur neck. Invent your own rules. Don't give a shit what anyone else thinks of you because seriosuly if your happy then they can piss off!!
Most scene kids have long blonde or black hair? Right?
WTF no!!!!

These are my ideas for people who want to become or want to be able to recognise scene kids:
1: usually has a side fringe or full fringe
2: bright neon clours
3: random fashion
4: junk jewellery by the ton!!
5: bows...uber cute!!
6: converse, vans and all tht!
7: have friends in the scene as well, you can't be scene on your own!!
8: check out the new rave gigs, indie rock and bands nobody has really heard of!!
9: Individuality is the key i swear to you...so do what you want, its a pretty cool thing to follow as you can do wtf u want!!

Useful words:
lol =D
and another thing, don't try and change overnight or you'll look like a pratt!!!

ohh and its a gd idea to get skinny jeans, especially coloured ones!!
by NewRaveRiotVan April 25, 2007

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