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If you meet a girl named Tara, your life can end happily. When you look into her eyes, your mind will melt away as your engulfed into a hypnotic gaze. Her smile could brighten anyone's day, and she has freckles that make her all the more beautiful. She is the most amazing dancer in the world, being able to do a multitude of smooth dance moves, and her voice can be compared to that of a gentle angel. When she sings, it'll make you want to sit their and listen all day. A lot of guys want her, but she keeps her guard up to protect her from unnecessary drama. She is a girl who likes to wear scarves, and her style in a whole is attractive and unique. It Tara is from the south, you can expect a cute accent, along with a warm personality that sweeps all guys off their feet. Tara is a Christian, and she usually lets her love for God shine through her life. After just one day of meeting her, your heart will yearn for more interactions! She will take time out of her day to make sure your okay and if your standing alone, she'll walk over and make you feel welcome!!
"Who is that? She's amazing!"
"She's Tara"
by NewKid January 27, 2013

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