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this is usually referred to a commodore or kingswood station wagon packed with guiness book record breaking amounts of boongs in it. (The record stands at 63, when in 1987 a family of boongs heard the 3 king browns of export on special for $4 at their local liqour store)
Hey look how lowered that kingswood wagon is...sorry its just full of boongs
by Neville Ugle June 10, 2003
this is the part of skin between the female boongs cunt hole and anus. It is refered to as being smelly because of the lifetime build up of cottage cheese vaginal secretion and smelly shit.This is due to them not affording showers and spending their money on emu export and paint instead of water bills. Other secretion build up can be due to emu bitter, metho, paint and sometimes....stolen cars.
Damn the gin stinks...she must have a smelly boong gooch!
by Neville Ugle June 10, 2003
Person who is so low or in desperate need of a fuck as to potenially continue the population of boongs
i feel sorry for that guy.. i heard he is a boong fucker
by Neville Ugle June 10, 2003
person who fucks anuses
hi i fuck anuses
by Neville Ugle June 05, 2003
when something has been stolen or simply has just vanished and no explanation can be given
fuck where is that can of metho i was using... must be boong gone

or this example can also be used with a car

by Neville Ugle June 05, 2003
this is when an older person gives gifts to small boongs such as emu export, paint, glue, metho and sometimes even stolen cars in exchange for sexual acts
Hey look at that old guy giving that small boong anal sex in that GTS Monaro... he must be a boongaphile!
by Neville Ugle June 10, 2003
this is a fat gin that has a big fat black ass
damn man look at that boong booty ho.. that one big fat ass.... and it smells like export from here!
by Neville Ugle June 10, 2003
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