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2 definitions by Neversoft

a) Ancient martial art of taking a first-rate idea and delivering it in a second-rate way.
b) War cry meaning "You're fucked"

Fujitsud: To "Fujitsu" something, to balls it up.
a) As Doc bent over awaiting the hot fudge, his friend Justin, screamed "fujitsu!!" as he thrust his fist into him.

b) Doc's parents were both attractive and intelligent having children was the obvious thing to do, but once he was born they realised they were fujitsud.
by Neversoft June 30, 2003
120 30
The puddle of bodily by-products left on a bed after a particularly vigorous pudenda-pounding.
You still need to change the bed covers from last night babes, they've crusty with fucksauce.
by Neversoft August 16, 2004
3 15