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Jonathan's are players, that love to lead girls on and flirt with everyone. They're fun loving and caring and sweet as sugar. Bleach blonde hair, sky blue eyes, and washboard abs. theres no way any woman can resist falling in a long lasting love for a Jonathan.They have the biggest sex appeal you'll ever feel in your life, you wont ever sleep just wanting his body. Although they are extremley blind to what is righ infrot of them. A girl csn be hopelessly in love with a Jonathan for years in end and be willing to do anything for him and with him, and he will never notice and go for the whore who will give him what all guys want. Once you meet a Jonathan you will never be able to forget them. Jonathans will steal your heart and rip it to pieces, or if your a whore he'll take it and be so rough with it you'll never get enough. Jonathans are the perfect men.
Jonathan stole my heart, i want him more then anything/anyone in the world.
by NeverLetYouGo January 02, 2012

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