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A place full of people who think they're cooler than everyone else because there's a cheesy MTV show about their town. Laguna Beach residents also like referring to people that they know on the show or pointing out parts of the show that aren't totally accurate because they think that the rest of the country cares about their stupid little town.
Laguna Beacher: Yea Lauren and Kristen from Laguna Beach were in my class in 2nd grade. I went out with both of them.

Other Person: I don't give a fuck. MTV is for losers and middle-aged fags who wish they were teenagers again.
by NeutralResource May 24, 2005
A religion that upper-middle class, liberal teenagers/young adults join to be noticed or because they want to seem more open-minded but which really just makes them look stupid. Most of these people will turn out to be homosexual or at least experiment with the same sex once for the same reason.

2. A Cult
Non-Wicken : Why are you into that Wicken stuff? Don't You know its a load of shit?

Wicken: When you get more mature and smart and open-minded you'll learn to try new things too! Your so ignorant. Maybe You should come by and talk to some of my new brothers and sisters. Maybe we'll accept you into our religion.

Non-Wicken : Bye
by NeutralResource May 24, 2005
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