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When a woman's belt rides up her rib cage and outwardly becomes a pseudo bra.
Do you see that woman wearing her belt as a bra.? Nice brelt.
by NepentheRay October 28, 2013
A man bra, to fit the bro with boobs.
The brother needs to be wearing a brozier for them boobies.
by NepentheRay October 28, 2013
Social networking site used in place of therapy and going outside.
Hey, freakbook what's the weather like out there? My smoke detector went off at like 3am so I smashed it (14 posts). Yeah.. It's about that logical.
by NepentheRay November 01, 2013
To be fixated or astounded by some fine cut jewelry.
Diamonds are facetnating to look at... when in the right lighting.
by NepentheRay October 30, 2013

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