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A Person who is white but is Asian washed
White outside but yellow inside
I am an Egg
by Neospreenz January 06, 2011
FOB- Fresh Off the Boat
A derogatory term for a group of people or person who recently came from an Asian country to the USA.

Legally or Illegally or as a tourist. Trying to learn Engrish as their second language.

A person who keeps the trends (clothing, music..etc) from the country they came from.

People who came here illegally to USA with literally using a boat or Ocean Freight Container.
A FOB person who has a camera on their neck and has a travel duffle bag on their waist at Disneyland.
A FOB person who has a "Rice Bowl" hair cut.
A person who saids "Lilley?" instead of "Really?"
A person who who reads Anime magazine while eating their Ramen bowl.
A guy who looks like pretty asian girl with no facial hair (how do they do that?)
When a girl looks like one of those in a Japanese girly magazines. They say "Kawaii" (means "cute") alot.
When you don't understand them when they speak English,
When their English sounds like a British english.
Whatever you ask them, they just say "Yes".
by Neospreenz January 05, 2011
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