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2 definitions by NeoProg

The open space created between a thin or fit woman's upper thighs when she stands straight up with her feet close together. Considered a reliable indicator of a low body fat to weight ratio for women. More voluptuous women do not have a crotch gap due to the flesh of their thighs closing the gap. Often associated with the term "cameltoe".
When the backlight revealed her crotch gap through her dress, I knew she was the one for me.
by NeoProg June 13, 2010
Urban legend. A domesticated vampire bat a woman keeps in her panties, especially during her menstrual period, which eliminates the need for sanitary napkins or tampons. Doubles as a chastity device and rape deterrent.
I was going to take advantage of the passed-out hottie, until her crotch bat poked his nasty little head out of her pants, chittering and hissing at me.
by NeoProg June 13, 2010