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7 definitions by Neo2129

The communal act of rough...wild...passionate...primatial fornication. Usually accompanied with various vocal tones and frantic leg hmuping usually seen and heard from orangutans. It is also customary to wear "PLanet of the Apes" costumes in order to successfully portray monkey sex.
Dude, I was SO stoned, that I actually agreed to have monkey sex with this hot chick. *shameless expression* It was nice. ;)
by Neo2129 June 20, 2003
437 208
Basically, another word for breasts,hooters,ta-tas,gazongas,etc. It is usually only used with girls who posess exceptionally large breasts...The extra "st-st-s" are heavily accented to allow hilarity to ensue.
Damn dawg, her breastststs be lookin 'mighty fine...
by Neo2129 June 16, 2003
46 19
The enigmatic describing one's (usualy female) lower buttock region.
Whoa dude! Check out the assular area! She's got enough ass to cover Rhode Island...
by Neo2129 June 09, 2003
6 2
the act of fufilling one's act of ejaculation
Oh man, that chick was so hot that when she bent over, I think I completed...
by Neo2129 June 09, 2003
6 3
The describing of one's (usually female) breast.
Dude!She has a nice breastular area.
by Neo2129 June 09, 2003
2 4
Pertaining to the fact that a female is so bitchy (or freaky),that you don't fuck it. IT fucks YOU.
Hey man, you don't hit it. IT hits YOU.
by Neo2129 June 07, 2003
4 6
Often used by (some) males to describe one's need to ejaculate when he sees something arousing. It is also common for the male to squeel the word in an irregular high pitched voice.
Whoa shit! She's wearing a skirt with NO underwear! Tisueee!!!!!
by Neo2129 September 16, 2003
3 6