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Verb (Brown, Browns, Browned, Browning)

The action of, and seeking pleasure by, deceiving someone through a careful architecture of pre-planned lies. However, some browns (lies) can be spontaneous. The 'browner' (liar) is a master of deceit, manipulation and skulduggery.

• (brown one's way into/out of) get oneself into or out of a situation by lying (browning) : you lied (browned) your way in to keeping this job by implying you were actually doing work.
• (of a thing) present a false impression; be deceptive : the camera cannot lie (brown).

TERRY: James, did you pay that money you owed me into my bank account?

JAMES: Yeah of course mate, I did it a couple of days ago

TERRY: Thanks.


TERRY: I Spoke to James this morning and he said he'd paid me back that money I leant him. I just checked my balance and he hasn't.

NORMAN: Do you think he would brown you?

TERRY: Yeah, he must of, he's blatantly world's biggest browner.
by Neo-Dictionary April 04, 2011

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