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It is when someone rage quits rq and cries QQ as well, commonly used in video game culture. Often seen in first person shooters fps. It is a fusion of the terms rq and QQ.
"Omg lol, Thanh rQQ'ed because I landed 3 headshots in a row on him"
by Nemole Amzi May 15, 2008
3ds max is a 3d modelling and animation environment and a rendering tool for 3d modelling enthusiasts, architectural concept plans and game artists (for making models for the game engine). It is owned by Autodesk which also owns AutoCAD and Maya, other well known applications with similar uses.
Formerly 3d Studio Max the "studio" part was reduced to just 3ds.
"Man i just purchased 3ds max so i can make weapon models for Counterstrike."

"Man i just purchased 3ds max, now i can see what my building proposal will look like."

"Man i can't wait until i finish making that 3d movie with 3ds max."
by Nemole Amzi August 04, 2008

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