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What happens to paedophiles feet after weeks of crouching in wet bushes otuside primary schools.
"Hey I heard that guy got Trench feet from camping outside St.Johns"
by Nemo Carlisle May 31, 2007
Someone that seeks sex in hot dry heat, for example on hot sandy beaches or in the sauna.
That Neil is one crazy mofo, I heard he's going sweat running at the health farm tonight
by Nemo Carlisle March 02, 2007
The colour of your urine the day after being kicked in your kidneys.
I got beat down last night, and now I'm pissing fanta!
by Nemo Carlisle May 04, 2007
When you have sex with someone then proceed to wipe your penis off on their curtains.
Neil is a cleanliness freak so I gave him a pink darth vader.
by Nemo Carlisle February 26, 2007
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