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Shoes that are so silly only a porn star or stripper would wear them to work in - however they can only be called real porn shoes when they are worn by women on a drunken night out. The shoes must have:

Very high heels.
Platform soles
The sole can be transparent.
The shoes can have gold or sliver tassels
The shoe should be silver, white or any other bright colour.
The shoe should be tied half way up the leg in a silly.
The shoes will be warn down to -5C only then are porn boots to be warn
Wow see that blond overthere she must be 6ft tall - nah I bet she's only 5ft out of her porn shoes.
by neilwill July 27, 2010
When a person has been screwed, in either hole, so hard the night before they cannot walk properly the next day.
she got slipped a crippler last night, she aint running any where.
by neilwill July 26, 2010
When a womans nipples become erect under clothes. So that they look like tuning knobs on an old radio.
Nip in the air today, could be a go day for radioing.


Did you see that see was radioing on longwave!
by neilwill July 27, 2010
When a girl belives she is a star - but isnt due to not partying the right way
See that girl over there - she lives in Pollywood, disapointing.
by neilwill July 27, 2010
To get a score, is to get a peek at a girl's guset in a public place. Normally a luchtime game to be played in a park. One glimse is a score, no panties wins the game. This game is not playable on the beach, unless you play bottom-less only - the girls not you.
Did you get a score then? - yes they were white and tight.
by Neilwill July 26, 2010
The P'way hand shake, is a sign given using three fingers on one hand in order to give an idea to another member of P'way that you would like to give that girl a P'way hand shake. The hand shake itself involves folding back the third finger with the thumb, thus creating the index and the middle finger together, with the little finger out on its on. This finger formation when giving the hand shake is then insterted into the young lady - 2 in the goo 1 in the poo style - and rattle arround.
I like that young lady, I'd give her a P'way hand shake.


Is she a team member? - yes she was given the P'way hand shake last night.
by neilwill July 26, 2010

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