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Very good,awesome,top notch,great stuff,wicked. Originally used by New Zealanders in the late seventies-early eighties.
That concert last night was the best bro, to the bone!
by neilos May 22, 2012
Habit. This is an example of cockney rhyming slang.
John has been hitting the smack hard and now he has got a really bad jack rabbit.
by neilos May 20, 2012
A car driven by a rich chav, or a thief.

Originally they all had spoilers, but there are only four RS Turbo spoilers left in Britain. These are passed around the 1,562 RS owners frequently, when one of them forgets to garage his car - another owner promptly steals the spoiler and puts it on his car. When he forgets to garage it, the cycle is repeated.
"Oh mate, I nicked this RS Turbo last night off me mate, help me get the spoiler off?"
"'ere Sharon, fancy a shag in my RS?"
"Escort RS Turbo - no spoiler, no wheels, good condition, £50"
by Neilos May 16, 2007

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