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A good bloke, with mad as fuckin knowledge, like he's fuckin einstein man with crazy ass hair. Has one of the manliest moustaches known to man, due to his Mexican genetics. Rumours are that all of his knowledge is stored in that glorious moustache of his. He is sometimes mistaken for Earl SweatShirt, a rapper from OFWGKTA. Also a famous accountant working for YMCMB, with tons of MULLA BABY $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
"Hey man, how'd you go in the Maths test?"
"Chucked a Renith, I'm way too good for this shit."
by neilpoonhandler October 25, 2014

The act of fapping and/or schlicking while fantasizing about something particularly sexy.
I faptasized on my bed this morning while I fingered my wet pussy with some makeup brushes. I came buckets! :)
by NeilPoonHandler November 03, 2012

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