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The unfortunate protrusion of excess pant material when sitting, resulting from loose-fitting pants. Often mistaken for an erection by passers-by; may result in mockery, flattery, or just plain embarassment.
"Wow, nice jeanis you've got going on there, Tom"
"Shit! These pants are the worst for that.... or are they....?"
by NeiLiO September 28, 2007
To whip someones leg with your penis.
"You just got cocklashed, baby!"
by Neilio November 09, 2003
A state of excelerated fabulousness; moreso than fabulous alone. Not necessarily implying a state of poverty, however more applicable when busting out a possession of lesser quality than the standard norm.
Today was a ghetto fabulous freakin' day.
by NeiLiO September 27, 2004

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