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2 definitions by NegroClaro

A Female Norteno, or Americanized Mexican girl who can barely speak spanish. Although they are suppose to be aligned with male nortenos they mainly have sexual relations with black gangmembers and secretly with surenos,hence the reason norteno gang members are shaving their head bald now.
Guy1:Wtf, is that Nigga's girlfriend a puerto rican?
Guy2: No she's a nortena
Guy1: whats that?
Guy2: A girl who will have sex with you if you flip your hat side wayz nigga.
by NegroClaro June 13, 2007
Americanized mexicans who live mainly in Northern California who may be able to write in spanish but can barely speak it, rivals of the surenos who hail from southern california. Requirements include denying your cultural background and submitting towards african american pop culture because it is popular at the time, yet they dont know that Black americans just associate with Nortenos to have sexual relations with their women regardless of the fairy tale told in jail about a "Truce" between the Nuestra Familia(Norteno Mafia) and Black Guerilla Family.
Jose: Yo wassup NIgga
Carlos: hey Chuy, whats up with Jose?
Chuy: He joined the nortenos gang so he thinks he's black now.

by NegroClaro June 13, 2007