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27 definitions by Negger

A lot of weed.
Can I borrow a few thousand bucks from your six year old mother for a pound of weed?
by Negger October 20, 2003
25 16
the purest form of fapedom

shmidy fayp
schmidy fape
schmidy fayp
The tammyjape's got the ultimate shmidy fape!
by Negger October 31, 2004
12 4
One who isn't even worth being a tool.
George, you have absolutely no use to me, go away.
by Negger March 10, 2004
14 6
Dude, see that spic heeb in the scratched up red pickup truck? Thats Vinnie Conte!
by Negger November 04, 2003
24 16
Those stupid tags that dago's like to put on the back of their car, contains the colors from the Italian flag.
Passenger: "Oh, I wonder who's in that car ahead of us."

Driver: "Well, he's got a dago tag on his rear, so he's definatly a dago."

Passenger: "Oh yeah, stupid dago tags."
by Negger July 09, 2005
18 11
An ometer of big cock.
Look, Bungalow Bill's a fag!

And he eats babies.
by Negger April 23, 2004
14 7
Quite possibly the best family of PKers ever to walk the Lothlorien and Deadly Temptation realms.
As you type who, you see two Capilla family members, and all you can hear is someone chanting, "Rape, rape, rape, rape..."
by Negger October 11, 2003
15 8