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1. an exclaimation uttered when nothing else will fit... often used when stunned or dismayed.

2.a saying written in magic disappearing blowpen to make Neffy suck the ink up in a fit of laughter.
"Lord love a duck... that alien just gone and blew up our truck."

"You slept with my BROTHER? Well Lord love a duck..."

"Bite me big time? Well Lord love a duck!!"
by Neffy August 21, 2003
A really messed up interior design.. referencing the very scary "monkey desk" that Ty designed and Frank allowed on Trading Spaces.
I like your house and all, but that orange chair reminds me of a monkey desk.
by Neffy August 19, 2003
An acronym for "CHrist On a Rabbit Farm". Variation of "Christ on a popsicle stick" or "Christ on a rubber raft".
"Chorf, kids, get in the car already!"
by Neffy August 19, 2003

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