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The act of agreeing to follow another person on Twitter on the condition that they follow you. Generally, though not exclusively, a strategy for increasing followers. The surreptitious motivation is often hidden in the language of reciprocity ("Let's follow each other!").
For an example of twid pro quo follow me on Twitter @twidproquo_
by Nefarious Holeman July 15, 2010
1. (n) Combat sport that poorly represents the discipline and class exemplified by martial arts. Participants and fans can be identified by their ridiculous tattoos, hyperbolic threats of impending violence and propensity to advertise how "dangerous" they are by means of their t-shirts. So trashy it makes your television stink.

2. (adj) A manner of behaviour adopted when looking to overcompensate for, and/or conceal, homosexual inclinations.
1. Q: Why are all these guys with tribal tattoos wearing t-shirts emblazoned with skulls and threatening to "kill each other to death" gathered at the Convention Center?

A: There's a UFC fanfest in town.

Q: Are they fighters or fans?

A: Both.


Jimmy: Dude, that guy in the AFFLICTION t-shirt just threatened to put me in a rear-naked something or other, then get into a full mount and pound me? What the fuck?

Matt: Don't worry about it. I saw him leaving a bath house. He's just acting UFC because his dad's with him.
by Nefarious Holeman June 09, 2010
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