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2 definitions by Ned Wazoo

An odd-lot collection of sots, one-offs and rogues who miraculously find each other. Unable to relate to society-at-large, they're at least able to bond with each other as a group.
Jed: Wow! I didn't think Applebee's would be so crowded...and what's up with all the braying sounds?!
Raoul: It's the Goat Brigade -- must be bowling night.
Ned: Goats!!
Raoul: Verdad!
by Ned Wazoo July 28, 2011
Someone who persists in taking so many ridiculous candid photos for their FB page that only a kick in the nads will stop them.
Jed: Little Lexi's bowling party seems to be going well!
Zed: Yes, except for that guy taking all the dumb action photos with his iphone.
Jed: Yeah, he's bugging the kids
Zed: He's a scrotographer. I'll fix him!
by Ned Wazoo February 16, 2012