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a code name for spirits mixed with juice or any other innocuous beverage
Neb: Hey, you want some juice?
Chibbles: Na, son, juice is for fags.
Neb: Are you sure? Its got sprinkles.
Chibbles: Ah hellz yeah! I likes sprinkles.
by Nebtastic July 11, 2010
1. a term of endearment or ridicule from a friend or enemy
2. a word Clevon continously thought was "snapjamma"
3. the password to Clevon's wireless network
1. That Slapjamma over there shit all over the bushes

What's happening, Slapjamma?
2. Clevon: What's the password to get on the wireless? Is it "snapjamma"?

Chibbles: No, for the one millionth time its SLAPJAMMA! You don't snap a jamma. You slap them.
3. Example evidenced in #2
by Nebtastic July 11, 2010

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