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More cost effective than cars, they are the conveyance of choice of the Jeffs
Jeff: I don't even need a car anyway, they're too expensive

Ned: Then how will you get to work to get money for Star Wars Cards?

Jeff: I don't need a car, I can get an airplane, they are actually cheaper in the long run.
by Nexus December 02, 2004
Annoying ass files that screw up and don't let me run programs and end up crashing my computer!
oh shit! rundl.dll won't work and now i have to reformat my compupter! god damn you, dll!
by Nexus November 29, 2004
I don't know what this is, which is why I came to urbandictionary to find it but it wasn't listed. Someone please define it for me.
VH1 Narrator: A $50,000 video game where you can pretend to race your own Formula 1 car

Ned: Formula 1? Let me check good ol' urbandictionary to see what that means

<few seconds later...>

Ned: ARGH! It's not here! Damn you urbandictionary!!
by Nexus December 16, 2004
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