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A painter of the twentieth century known for use of blue and orange with oil on canvas.
M. Dilley painted Rownet in 1963.
by Nco November 15, 2003
M-W for balance.
*interesting use for UK (above)

Main Entry: 1jig·ger
Pronunciation: 'ji-g&r
Function: noun
Date: 1675
1 : one that jigs or operates a jig
2 : any of several sails
3 : JIG 3a
4 a (1) : a mechanical device usually with a jerky reciprocating motion (2) : a mold or a machine incorporating a revolving mold on which ceramic items (as plates) are formed b : GADGET, DOODAD
5 : a measure used in mixing drinks that usually holds 1 to 2 ounces (30 to 60 milliliters)


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Main Entry: 2jigger
Function: noun
Etymology: perhaps from Wolof jiga insect
Date: 1781


Main Entry: 3jigger
Function: verb
Etymology: frequentative of 2jig
Date: 1867
intransitive senses : to jerk up and down
transitive senses : to alter or rearrange especially by manipulating <jigger an election district>
The bartenders in Vegas don't use a jigger-- they just push a button and hold out their hands for some help.
by Nco November 23, 2003
Adv. Using the nose to move an object. Using the nose to push or destroy.
The italian player narled the ball when it missed his head.
by Nco November 15, 2003
see t-scope
The Tachistoscope was loaded with slides of various Kanji ideographs, in colors that coordinated to the feelings they conveyed.
by Nco November 17, 2003

-Making something happen physically because you subconsciously want it to happen.
-fulfilling a prophesy. Fulfilling a horoscope.
Mary liked to tell men she was blessed based on their perceived expectation.
by Nco November 15, 2003
1a: A small case usually for carrying papers.
1b: A soft-leather or flexible envelope.

2: A legal proceeding involving an attache, attaché
The razzy pornographer put his pictures in a new attache case and walked across the street to catch a hack bus but what hit by a dragster first.
by Nco November 23, 2003
Hunger Artist


A person that starves themselves in a café for the amusement of a crowd.

Etymology: Franz Kafka’s The Hunger Artist
The Hunger Artist died in his cafe and was replaced by a panther.
by Nco November 15, 2003

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