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Used when describing a female, who's vagina is either perfectly..or overly..(which is still considered perfect)wet.
(James) So how was it wit ol girl last night?
(Brandon) Yo she got wets like crazy...I got inside (her), it was like Dayuuuum. I was up to my knee's in da sauce by time we was done.
by Nay December 20, 2004
n, v
A variation on Queer, meaning "different". Often used to describe anyone non-heterosexual. Can be used in a derogatory sense, or as as an identity.
"Are you gay?" "No, Im qweer"
by Nay February 19, 2005
Refering to the a female's vagina.
Gurl when u gon let me taste a lil bit of dat sugar mountain?
by Nay December 20, 2004
Uh oh, here come Monique and her henchwomen.
by nay December 02, 2004
A female or male, usually a female though, who claims to either have previously or is willing to currently try any sexual act, at least once. Also called a trysexual.
Male to female: So how do you feel about Menage a trois?

female to male: Well, I'm a tri-sexual, so i'll try anything once! And if i like it...well, then you can just call me a freak.
by Nay December 20, 2004
Used to describe a male or female as a "total package". Usually someone who has all the attributes of that are normally lusted for by the opposite sex.
Maaayne she a TP...she got brains, face, AND babygirl got a ass on her, that make u wanna thank her momma.
by Nay December 20, 2004
strangely ryhmes with GAY
damn that gay nay is homosexual
by nay October 29, 2003

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