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A sly moronic retard. Who can't manage a country let alone himself. Unable to make a intelligent speech or show any smarts whatsoever. Hates black people( Connie does not count). Can't keep a country out a debt, but can start wars with innocent bystanders for oil( but it is still high!)!Take five days to make any attempt to save people in New Orleans from death, doom, and diaster! He is as intelligent as this chair I'm sitting in. He looks like a white chimp or a monkey's ass. Not the brightest bulb in the knife draw.
I George W. Bush and this is what I be thinking: George W. Bush is a smart president..even better than Clinton, and JFK. "What the quickest way to the get to Seseme Street...I mean New Orleans?" "Look Dick I stayed in the lines!" "All these words making my brain hurt!" "Global warming isn't dangerous...the sun is always warm." "5+2+4+3+7= ELEVENTY" George W.Bush isn't the best we have.
by NawlinsSuga February 01, 2007
A fool who bust your head on the concrete and walk over the brains. Quick and violent. Dangerous individual. Term use mostly in New Orleans.
The 3rd Ward have head bustas! Woadie busting heads!
by NawlinsSuga February 01, 2007

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