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2 definitions by Navioxupos

A liberal treehugging hippie who thinks that the government should be his baby sitter. He can't take care of himself and needs the government to do it. Anti-war, they insult our soldiers memories by saying that they died for oil, when they actually died for a cause that they believed in; one that has actually come true. Iraqi freedom. (Iraq did actually have wmd's, by the way). Democrats will sit in a kumbayah circle and sing while all the so-called problems of the world (most of which were caused by them in the first place...) fly by them. They complain about these problems, but don't do a thing about them. They also think the world will be underwater in twenty years or so.
Kennedy the swimmer;
An unpatriotic democratic citizen who wants to move to canada
by Navioxupos March 13, 2006
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The american dream is, in essence, liberty. You can come to America and not be held back by the government, your religion, or your social status. The american dream is freedom.
the american dream is freedom
by Navioxupos March 13, 2006
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