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The result of a guy sitting on the couch eating Cheetos while getting a blow job and running his fingers through the BJ giver's hair.
I was giving Matt a blow job while he sat on the couch watching Laguna Beach, and I ended up with this really crazy cheese mullet!
by NaughtyGirl August 29, 2006
pleasure acquired from the act of touching ones own privates.
text message
female: have you ever had masturbation frustration?

male: stoking my penis..
female: palming my clit naked on my bed. my legs are open.
male: good girl. how would you treat my johnny if you were here?
female: i'd suck you dry...

male: ooo? then you deserve a palm job till you squirt.
female: mm i like your big hands.
by naughtygirl November 17, 2013
What happens after a good fuck
The best orgasm
a release of fluid (sperm, vagina fluid)
male: give me a blow job till i cum sperm all over you.
female: give me a palm job till i spasm and cum.
by naughtygirl November 17, 2013

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