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When you are walking in a dark room and you run into a table numbing your legs from the waist down. Then you fall backwards into a chair flip out of it and break your nose on the concrete below. When this happens you must say "Sfudcbuker" before someone says windowsill, lest they be allowed to throw you out of one.
You shall have an unfortunate sfudcbuker.
by National Council For Nostration September 01, 2006
When you both fart and either burp or sneeze at the same time.
Example: Sorry, I pasmed.
by National Council For Nostration September 01, 2006
The act of causing one's self or allowing one's self to be caused to spew somewhat slimy liquids from an extruding cavity of the body. This is often caused by an exciting and humorous stimulant, and is often performed amidst much laughter and pleasure. It also often causes a somewhat wet lap. Frequently when people nostrate in public by accident they will run out of the room in an embarrassed frenzy while blushing and holding the extruding body part from whence the slimy liquid came hoping to prevent the reaction from occuring again from the pleasureful spasms curently occuring.
When you laugh and coke comes out your nose, this is Nostration
by National Council For Nostration September 01, 2006
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