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An uneducated, poorly trained policeman who is stationed at a middle or high school. These cops are often seen roaming around the hallways listening in on students conversation like that weird kid who wanders around you and your freinds until somebody sais something to them. When not roaming, they will most often be found in the office somewhere giving some lame threat to a kid who brought matches or a toy knife to school. Your principle, most likely, will often bring them up to try to scare large groups of kids. I think it is fair to say that these failures would only be useful in a school shooting.
Principle: And I swear to God, if we find any drugs, alcohol, lighters, or laser pointers in your backpacks. We will refer you to Officer _ _ _ _ _.

Me: I'm not scared a loser school cop

School cop: Oink Oink, don't smoke marihuana kids.
#school #cop #principle #toy knife #threat
by NathanTheDankMan April 20, 2010
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