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To initiate positive change in a new romantic relationship. This could take the form of telling someone you like them, asking someone on a first date, or kissing them. Pulling the trigger can also be shortened to p.t.t.
"How'd it go with her last night? Did you pull the trigger"
"Oh, you know... a gentlemen never tells."
"You're the man!"
by Nathan Shep May 26, 2007
A practical joke in which a hotdog is gently leaned against the face of a sleeping friend, creating a tiny ladder between a pillow and the friend's face. A successful hotdog ladder is achieved when one's fingers can be walked from the base of the ladder to the top without waking the friend. It should be noted that the wiener is not intended to be phallic.
Joanna fell asleep early last night and we gave her a hotdog ladder. She was pretty pissed when she woke up.
by Nathan Shep May 26, 2007
The tendency to pick apart, often in minute detail, all aspects of life using half-understood pop psychology as a tool. From Douglas Coupland's book Generation X.
"You're bossy because you're the oldest child in the family."
"That's not true."
"Yeah, the oldest kid always want control."
"That's a 101-ism."
by Nathan Shep May 26, 2007
A synonym for lame, or whack. It rhymes with ounce.
"How was Spiderman 3?"
"There was an emo dance scene. It was whounce!"
by Nathan Shep May 26, 2007

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