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In rock climbing, a hold that is really big or deep or otherwise so good that it is "bomb-proof". Can also be used of equipment that is so good as to be infalliable.
"I was climbing She Don't Use Jelly (5.10a), and I about decked five times before I got to that bomber jug on the second pitch."
by Nathan McKnight March 20, 2005
To spend time in totally useless activity or lethargy, especially playing videogames. Synonymous with "veg-out". Derrives from the word "chode", that useless flap of skin that is supposed to keep your balls from flapping around but really doesn't do anything.
"I think I'm gonna chode out with GTA tonight again."
by Nathan McKnight March 19, 2005
A chode is the fin-like flap of skin that connects your balls to your asshole. Because this body part is basically useless, the term has become a synonym for a person who does nothing. When used as a verb, it means to waste time in unproductive activity, especially playing videogames. Also to "chode-out".
SPEAKER 1: "I choded out all night with Ultima Online."
SPEAKER 2: "Yeah, I was just choding in front of the tube myself."
SPEAKER 1: "We're such chodes."
SPEAKER 2: "Speak for yourself, chode-muncher."
SPEAKER 1: "Lick my chode!"
by Nathan McKnight March 19, 2005
A partly-smoked cigarette retrieved from an ashtray to be smoked again. Originated in German or Austrian slang, this term has recently been adopted into English and is begining to spread in Ohio.
"Sorry man, I don't got any smokes but I think there's an American Spirit hugo in the tray over there."
by Nathan McKnight March 20, 2005
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