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Often a player in a FPS or other games who is obsessed with their score. They believe that having the highest score signifies that they are the best player, and therefore should be worshipped accordingly.
"K89lemur is a real score whore, he thinks that just because he has the highest score, he's the best player, even though I killed him twice as many times as he killed me."
by Nathan Heller August 01, 2006
A brand of fine cigars by Drew Estate. They are the leader in the Herbal & Botanical Aromatic Cigar Market. ACID cigars are all hand crafted using the finest tobaccos and over 140 botanicals, herbs, and essential oils.

ACID also has a racing team.

"I'm going to smoke a blue-label ACID; They're delicious"

"The only way to understand ACID, is to experience it."
by Nathan Heller January 21, 2006
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