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A Canadian redneck-equivalent from the far north. A person who thinks ice fishing is a competitive sport. A person who has a vast selection of woolen plaid over shirts in multiple checkered patterns. A person likely to own NHL commemorative plates.
Are you from Toronto, or are you one of the snowhicks from the boonies?
by NateFish April 08, 2011
Short for 'swagger vampire' - someone who is a complaining buzzkill, never has anything positive to say or counters any good point with some sort of oppositely negative statement and/or hypothetical scenario. A hater; a crybaby.
Stop being a swagvamp, you know my gators are fly.

When we were at the game, you couldn't stop complaining it was cold out. You were a horrible swagvamp.
by NateFish April 08, 2011

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