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When one is, through possible over-indulgence of various substances, or by simply being a master in the art of ass-tappery, unable to cum despite trying incessantly.

One of the two different categories of whiskey dick, one a dysfunctional penis, the other, and overly functional dick.
"Dude she thinks I'm a god of the dick, I was uncumable"
by Nate Froggy Frogg September 23, 2011
The last, late night attempt of a woman to pick up a man at the bar, party or other social and intoxicated scenario. Usually this occurs when the woman set out to get laid, and now must make such a thing happen in order to not feel the shame of dick-lack.
"Dude, she is the queen of the dick dive, took her 5 minutes to grab a bro and bail."
by Nate Froggy Frogg September 24, 2011
The act of sleeping with, or, less eventfully, hooking up with someone displeasing in looks, smell, or otherwise.

Of or pertaining to strange, filth, and scuzzlebutts.
"I haven't seen you for awhile, I heard you've been on a bender."

"Yeah, I've been on a search for strange since I broke up with my girlfriend, I've been funky bunking with everything from the dive bars."
by Nate Froggy Frogg September 23, 2011
Simply a word used both as an adverb or adjective describing one's engagement in the sexual arts.
"He is the master of ass-tappery, he banged that whole group of freshman before the end of fall quarter."

"His sexing is ass-tappery at its finest"
by Nate Froggy Frogg September 23, 2011
when one has drinking binge induced diarhea, and, during mid coutis releases his/her bowels uncontrolably. The decaf is when this person wipes on the sheets akin to a dog pooper-scooting on the carpet.
last week was rough, i finally bagged my old friend, but took a vancouver decaf. Definately an OLD friend now
by Nate Froggy Frogg August 30, 2011

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